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We’re very pleased to announce that I’m pregnant again. This sonograph was taken on Thursday, when we saw a very calm baby lying on its back idly waving its legs in the air. All seems to be in order. It’s expected to be evicted from this cosy home sometime in August.

Pregnancy update

I’ve had a very trouble-free pregnancy up until now, but just in the last week the baby turned back head-up and refused to go back down again. So I had a scan on Tuesday which confirmed it was in the frank breech position (in a nice little V-shape with the …

Baby update

I had an appointment with the midwife yesterday. I gave a blood sample (I didn’t have to, but I’ve been feeling quite tired lately so I asked for my haemoglobin levels to be tested; I haven’t heard back which I was told means that they’re normal) and we listened to …

Non-cat news

I’m pregnant! The baby is due on Christmas day, of all days! I’m hoping it will be either early or late, because I think it would be dreadfully unfair on the child for everybody else to get presents as well on its birthday. All is well so far; I’m feeling …