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Crops in progress

As ever, there’s far more to do in the garden than there is time for. There are still concrete slabs and bags of sand and hardcore, awaiting lain to replace the gravel at the bottom of the steps. And I think the weeds are winning on penalties. But here’s some …

The drawbacks of following instructions

Although I’ve been successfully growing vegetables from seed for a good few years now, I’ve never had much luck with flowers. In fact, I’ve pretty much given up trying altogether. Vegetables are bred for fast growth and vigour, while flowers, being bred for appearance, might well be fussier. With this …

Little Leckmelm

We’ve spent the weekend in Little Leckmelm, a cottage on the shores of Loch Broom near Ullapool, with quite a lot of my family: uncles and cousins and aunts as well as my immediate family.

Beautiful rain

After a long, hot, dry, sunny spell, we’re now having a period of showers – the sort of light, warm rain you don’t even mind too much getting wet in.  The garden is loving it: parsnip seedlings and young pea shoots are emerging from the ground; the broad beans are …