Zoe’s breakfast

yoghurt face yoghurt is very tastyZoe likes yoghurt. A lot. But not as much as she likes fishcakes. (400g tinned mackerel or steamed salmon, one small potato chopped and boiled, one medium onion fried gently, some garlic, all beaten together in the food mixer with one egg and whatever flavourings I can cobble together –ginger and spring onions, dill and mustard seeds, and turmeric and lemongrass have all gone down very well. That does the three of us one fishcake each for breakfast for a week.)

She can now shake her head for ‘no’. She hasn’t got the hang of nodding her head yet, though she knows it happens, so sometimes when she shakes her head she means ‘yes’. She’s moving her hands around a lot and trying to put them into various shapes, so I think she’ll be signing soon!