Zoe eats steak

Zoe eats steak from Rhiannon Miller on Vimeo. Plate courtesy of Patrick and Tiiu Miller. Steak courtesy of Drovers butchers.

She was very pleased to see steak again!

She was very pleased to see steak again!

Yesterday we had a couple of friends round and fed everyone (including Zoe) steak. We’ve put food in front of her a couple of times before but this is the first thing she’s really taken to. She gummed and gnawed and sucked at it for a good half hour. She even had a go at the accompanying chips!

I hadn’t thought to have the camera at the ready and thought it would be too disruptive to go and get it. So no photos.

But today we had the leftover steak, cut into strips and stir-fried with cabbage, mushrooms, and celery. And today we did have the camera ready.

She mostly concentrated on the steak, but also had a go at some of the cabbage, if only to suck the juices off!