Jar of salad

I’ve discovered this fantastic way of transporting salads. You put the dressing at the bottom of a jar and then layer all the other ingredients on top. All the ingredients stay fresh, and you can include an oily dressing without either turning the leafy bits soggy or leaking runny goop all over the inside of your bag. I make these up the night before and take them to work the next day.

A jar of salad. From the bottom: Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, ginger, galangal, tomatoes (not many visible; they’re mostly round the other side), seaweed, red pepper, carrots, olives, capers, Savoy cabbage, cheese, lettuce. This plus a boiled egg was my lunch on Friday.

When you turn it out onto a plate the dressing pours over it from the bottom of the jar. Perfect!

And in other news, we’re not going to go for the veg boxes after all. The information we’ve been able to garner about how much stuff you get in your box suggests that we’d get about half the quantity we need. And we definitely can’t afford to buy two a week. Maybe when we’re richer…