Sunny weather

What a gorgeous weekend! Now that enough of the scaffolding and rubble have been removed that we can actually access the back garden, I have sown broad beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and basil; dug over most of the bed which will eventually contain parsnips and carrots; and helped Robin clear large quantities of dead plants and very straggly winter jasmine out of the front garden. I never realised how wide the flower bed in the front garden was, it was so overgrown with junk.

Then this afternoon we decided to get rid of some of the dead shrubs we’d just extracted by burning them in the barbecue and cooking some burgers on them. It worked a treat – except for the bit where the paint on the lid of the barbecue caught fire, but that was over fairly quickly. So there we were sitting out in the garden in the evening, in T-shirts, drinking chilled wine and eating delicious burgers. And it’s still only April!