Home from holiday!

We’ve just come home from Thailand, where we’ve spent the last ten days or so on holiday. It was fantastic: first we went to Chiang Mai, where we went on a cookery course (photos here) and spent a day at an elephant park. Then we went to Ko Samui for relaxation on tropical beaches, where we stayed in a wonderful luxurious hotel. We hired a car for a day there (a horrible big US-style pickup truck: apparently diesel is subsidised there so everyone drives gas-guzzlers) and drove around the island, finding a lovely walk through some jungle to a waterfall that wasn’t in the guide book. There will be photos once we’ve sorted them.

Now we’re back home and shivering because our gas main is being dug up. We’d noticed some slight pressure fluctuations in our gas supply just before we left, and when we came back the problem was, if anything, worse. The drops in pressure were causing the pilot light on the boiler to go out and we were having to reset the boiler manually before the heating would kick in. So once we’d got the house heated up a bit we called the engineers out. They’ve dug up our drive in two places trying to find the water in the gas pipe that’s apparently causing the problem, and next they’re going to dig up the road. In the meantime, we’re keeping one room warm with an electric heater. I’m hoping they’ll find and fix the problem today!