Dishwasher broken

So now our dishwasher is completely broken. On Sunday night our fuses tripped. We isolated the problem circuit and turned everything there off before resetting it. We then turned them back on one at a time, but they all came on fine. Fifteen minutes later the fuses tripped again. We eventually homed in on the dishwasher as the source of the problem: our theory is that the heating element was overloading, but each time it was taking fifteen minutes or so to get to that point having been turned off. Now we’re handwashing everything.

I was going to say that we might wait to get a new one until we had the new kitchen installed, but then I realised that that would mean several months of handwashing. Not gonnae happen! It will, however, wait until we get back from holidaying in Thailand… five days in Chiang Mai (with temples and elephants and history and stuff) and five on Ko Samui (with luxury hotel and peaceful beach and relaxing in the warm tropical sunshine). I’m so looking forward to it!

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