Anyone fancy fixing my dentist’s booking system? Anyone?

So I toddled off from work today for a root canal at quarter past three. Only when I got there I discovered that they thought it was supposed to be at ten to three. I was too late to have the full treatment so they just did the removal of the nerve and pulp, and put a temporary filling on it. I’m to go back at some point to get a proper permanent filling, which will apparently require just as much numbing as the drilling bit (and take quite a long time too). I don’t know when because their computer was down so they couldn’t make me a new appointment.

I’d assume it was my mistake, except that (a) I’d put the appointment in the calendar on my phone while I was at the Drescher & Cohen Dentists when I booked the appointment; (b) they also gave me a printed copy of my future appointments, which I uncovered a few days ago and checked against my phone (and then threw out because they were all in my phone now, so I don’t have the evidence); and (c) this is not the first time they’ve screwed up. I took Faith out of nursery (and myself off work) back in October for a checkup for both of us, and got there to find they’d told me the wrong day. (And they had on their system the email they’d sent me confirming that day, so it was definitely their fault.) They offered to try and squeeze us in. I couldn’t really take more time off work, so that was the best solution, but it was at least half an hour waiting – not fun with a curious, easily bored toddler! And Robin has also missed a check-up because they never told him about it.

The dental work itself seems to be pretty good: competent, steady-handed, and with sufficient anaesthetic; so we’re not likely to move. It’s just the organisation that needs sorted out. My dentist also gave me a dentek night guard, which is great because I have a bad habit of grinding my teeth at night.

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