Last week the nursery surprised me when I went to collect Faith by giving me a form to fill in about potty training, and asking me to bring her in in pants. She’s been using the potty at home for quite a while and at nursery a bit, but I’d had the impression they weren’t that interested in helping her, up until a couple of weeks ago when they finally made sure there was always a potty around and started up a star chart. They’ve said they’re changing their policy to offer potty training at a younger age now. Is it perhaps a little cynical of me to notice that there’s another child about the same age as Faith also using the potty, and this one is the daughter of one of the staff?

In any case, they’ve cleared all the junk out of the little toilets by the todder room and put them back into use, and since Monday Faith has been wearing pants and using the toilet or potty. Or not. She’s very keen on the pants, and Monday went very well and she kept her pants dry all day. But it’s been going steadily downhill all week, and she’s been going through several changes of clothes. They’re now talking about putting her back into nappies. Meanwhile she’s been doing pretty well at home. She mostly has a bare bottom at home though so I’m wondering whether she’s fully realised the difference between pants and nappies. Or possibly she hasn’t figured out that now she can tell the nursery staff just like she tells me. So I’m going to see how she does over the weekend.