More house

Our oven has died. The grill still works, but the actual oven settings just don’t get hot. This, coupled with a dying fridge that just isn’t big enough for a household of three (the shelf on the door has broken off twice thanks to the big bottles of milk we’ve been putting in it, and the shelves inside are cracking too), and the fact that we think the kitchen is ugly, means we are taking the opportunity to refit our kitchen – and, with grateful thanks to the Bank of Mum and Dad, try and extend the house, with a larger kitchen and a proper piano studio for Robin. We’ve had an initial survey and will get the first drawings in a week or two.

It’s all very exciting. Faith’s picked up on it, and says ‘Stention!’ at odd moments. I’m looking forward to having the freezer in the house, so no more traipsing to the garage in the rain to get things out of the freezer. And no more garage either, because it’s ugly and useless. And a kitchen big enough to get two people in at once without them having to apologise for getting in each others’ way the whole time… And Robin is looking forward to a room big enough that he can play the loud bits on his piano without deafening himself.

But then, the piano broke a string, so he went out and bought a digital. We’d have done it eventually anyway when we got the studio, so it’s just brought it forward a bit. It’s really helping him practise in the evenings without disturbing Faith while I’m putting her to bed — he can just put his headphones on and all we hear is a faint, rapid drumming noise.