First roleplaying

Faith’s beginning to start roleplaying as part of her play. The other day she put Jessie Cat on her ride-on car and pushed it around. And she picks up her toy phone and says ‘eyoh’, and when I ask her who she’s phoning she says ‘Pa-paa’ (Grampa). She’ll be drawing up a character sheet before we know it.

She’s also trying to be helpful around the house. I’ve been getting her to help with laying the table, which keeps her out of mischief for a few minutes before dinner. ‘Pates!’ she says, going to the sideboard, ‘Bows’. She pulls a plate out, announces ‘Daddy’s’ and, with prompting and maybe a bit of help bearing the weight, takes it round to Daddy’s place at the table. Then she does the same for everyone else (it confused her a little recently when we had visitors and there were two extra places to be laid). She helps with the cutlery too. ‘Nai,’ she says, ‘poon’.

Today I went to get a bottle of wine to chill in the fridge for tonight. Faith saw what I was doing and toddled after me with a pair of wine glasses! ‘Waaiyn,’ she said.

And tonight, after brushing her teeth, she commanded me to ‘Sin’.
‘What do you want me to sing?’
Sausage, sausageā€¦ aah, she means Scarborough Fair, which I’ve been singing her for a lullaby the past few nights (sometimes for a couple of hours before she finally drops off). Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. She was tired and desperate for me to take her to ‘beb’.