More biscuit please

So after church last Sunday she toddled through into the hall for a biscuit, which she nibbled over the next few minutes while we bought jam and got buttonholed by various people. She finished it just as I was strapping her into her pushchair.

‘More,’ she said.
‘We’re going home now,’ I said, ‘and we’ll have lunch when we get home.’
She looked at me. ‘More bibbit.’

That was her first sentence!* So of course after that I had to give her another biscuit. She ate it on the way home and then fell asleep.

A couple of days later I brought her home from nursery. She was hungry and so I gave her a biscuit to keep her going until dinner was ready. She finished it.

‘More what?’ I asked.
‘You want another biscuit?’
She nodded. ‘Peassssss.’

She got another biscuit.

Tomorrow we go to the zoo. She’s very excited about this and I’ve been counting down the days with her. She can name quite a lot of animals – her favourites are elephants and tigers (with a side order of zebra). Oh, and giraffes are called ‘necks’. I’ve been warning her that Edinburgh Zoo is too small to have elephants so she’s not too disappointed, but I think there’ll be enough to occupy her that she won’t mind.

* Apart from ‘Hiya Dadada’ when she was about eleven months old and very excited that Daddy had come to pick her up from nursery, but I think that was just because she didn’t know which of the two words she wanted to say most.