She told me about her day!

This afternoon, as has become usual on a Sunday, I took Faith swimming followed by a quick visit to the play park beside the swimming pool. She looks forward to this all week and points out the swimming pool whenever we go near it (twice a day on weekdays since you can see it up the road on the way to nursery). The swimming pool has a couple of little shallow shelves with gentle jacuzzi-type bubbles, which she loves to play on.

So I was putting her to bed this evening and said good night.
She signed ‘swing’.
‘Yes, you went on the swings today. Now go to sleep.’
She said ‘Ba!’ (park).
‘Yes, you went on the swings in the park. Now go to sleep.’
She signed ‘swim’.
‘Yes, you went swimming this afternoon. Now go to sleep.’
She said ‘Bubboo’ (bubble).
‘Yes, you played with the bubbles in the swimming pool. Now go to sleep.’
She signed ‘swing’.
‘Yes, and then you went on the swings. Now go to sleep.’

After about three iterations of this I put her in her cot and told her ‘Yes, you had lots of fun today, and now it’s night-time and time to go to sleep. No, you’ve been to the toilet, you don’t need to go again. Lie down and go to sleep.’

Cue some wailing, but it didn’t take that long before she quietened down, cuddled into my arm reaching into the cot and went to sleep.