Free bubbly

So I took the day off work today to blitz the cleaning, as the house is becoming a bit of a disaster area. Robin seized the opportunity to take me out to lunch to celebrate my promotion. We decided to go to one of our favourites, Jade Garden, as we remembered having some very nice Italian bubbly there a while back. But when we got there, we found it wasn’t on the wine list. We’d been having some friendly chat with the waiter, so I asked after the wine. He said he thought they’d discontinued it, but he’d go and have a look.

Lo and behold, there was one last bottle of it left! So he served it to us, though he said he didn’t know whether there was still a code in the machine for it. ‘That’s ok,’ I joked, ‘we don’t mind if you give it to us for free.’

The wine was even more delicious than we remembered – I think it must have aged some more in the bottle. The food was excellent too, as always, as was the Chinese tea.

At the end of the meal, he handed us the bill and told us the wine was on the house, because there was no way to put it through the system! So the whole three-course meal, plus orange juice, tea, and a bottle of bubbly, came to just £21.

We left a large tip.