Faith can identify Miffy. Apart from some lovely slippers she wore between about three and six months (thank you !), she hasn’t really had any Miffy stuff, nor have we talked of Miffy. No books, pictures, or toys.

And yet when I left a smalll box lying around which had a picture of Miffy on the lid, she pointed at it and said ‘Mi’y, mi’y!’ She did the same when she spotted a small piece of waxed paper from inside the box, which was also decorated with a Miffy print. I can only assume she’s being exposed to Miffy at nursery somehow. Unless she remembers the slippers?

(The box had contained a china beaker, one of her christening presents. I unpacked it into the china cupboard the other day, reckoning she’s old enough now to handle crockery, and left the box lying around – it’s now in use holding her crayons.)

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