Invasion of the walking baby

Just today, Faith has really started taking off on her feet! Here is a video of her walking across the room to Daddy, quite confidently and fast without any support. She seems enormously pleased with herself about it too. Over the last few days she’s been walking on her own more, but today she’s suddenly become much more sure of herself and walks about all over the place without assistance, including back and forth between Mummy and Daddy just to show off!

She loves drawing, too. In that video, the thing she’s reaching for is her crayons and paper – and she’ll mime scribbling to ask for them. She’s also obsessed with swimming and points out the swimming pool when we see it up the road on the way to and from nursery. Her favourite words are currently ‘tractor’ and ‘bubble’.

Here are some photos of her over the last couple of months.