Independence drive

Faith has gone on an independence drive. She wants to put her jumper on by herself, and even though she can’t manage the sleeves at all she yells at me if I try to help her! She’s started having cute little tantrums where she lies down on the floor and cries if I try to get her to go somewhere she doesn’t want to. (Yes, very cute for now while they only last about five seconds – what will they be like next year?) She stands on her little stool to wash her hands at the sink after she’s been to the loo (even though most trips are false positives). And she’s decided at long last that she wants to go to sleep in her cot and not in Mummy’s arms. Which takes forever because she has no idea how to go about going to sleep, and so she rolls about in the cot talking to herself for ages before tiredness overtakes her (I just tell her to ‘lie down and go to sleep’ every time she tries to get up, and she usually does; sometimes she needs to be lain down again, but she’s mostly quite happy with that). But I’m hopeful that she’ll now learn either to go to sleep quickly once she’s in her cot in the dark, or to roll about in the cot for a while without Mummy being there, and then go to sleep. Either way that will really save our nights!