Mostly toilet-related

According to nursery staff, Faith is now walking on her own, but only when she thinks no-one’s looking!

At the beginning of the year we started trying to introduce Faith to the potty. She would not sit on it. I reckoned this was because she was uncomfortable on it and last month we finally got round to acquiring an adaptor seat for her for the real toilet.

At first she really enjoyed sitting on it and reading her potty books, but seemed to be under the impression that you got off the toilet again in order to perform. After a few days of this she did a poo in the toilet one morning and received lots of praise, and after a week she was asking to go and doing all her poos in the toilet (including holding on at nursery until she got home so she could poo in the toilet here)! She’ll be a while with pees yet, though; I just don’t think she has enough conscious control to hold on long enough to get to the toilet. Several times lately she’s asked for the toilet and yet done nothing once she’s on it, but her nappy is wet…

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