I had a horrible lurgy the week before last, which coincided with Faith teething and entering a very clingy period needing lots of cuddling in the middle of the night. For the first time ever, Robin had it less badly than me! Faith is beginning to emerge from the clinginess but is still working on her canines, so I’m still not getting much sleep.

I think the clinginess is a developmental thing because she is working on standing up on her own – she just started this weekend while we were playing in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. It’s very cute. I say ‘Stand up, Faith’, and she sticks her bottom in the air, then raises her hands and stands up, wobbles for a moment, then grins and starts bouncing in triumph – and has to sit down again in a hurry!

I had hoped to spend Good Friday gardening while Faith was at nursery, but Robin’s office chair broke very dramatically on Thursday – the arm cracked apart and the back fell flat! So we spent the day hunting round furniture shops and couldn’t find a single place that sold office chairs. PC World, everyone said, but they only had a couple of horrible little ‘typist’ chairs. We popped into a furniture shop that had a bed sale on and ended up impulse-buying a new mattress. (Our current one is getting quite old and saggy and we’re beginning to roll into the middle on it.) Maybe that will help us get more sleep. And we did finally manage to find Robin a new chair, which was expensive but which he loves and is very comfortable in.