Garden news

This weekend I plan to buy some compost and start sowing this year’s vegetable seeds (if I have time). We’re trying to cut down on the variety this year in favour of productivity (while still retaining taste), so we will grow the following, our most favourite vegetables that can actually grow in our garden under our care:

Tomatoes (buying these as plants since we don’t have a propagator to start them off in – also we can get grafted stock which promises to be more productive)
Brussels sprouts (yes, these are a favourite, including with the Sweetie)
Broccoli (purple sprouting)
French beans

I also hope at some point to go to visit the conductor of my choir (Bach B Minor Mass on Sunday 26 April!) who has access to a paddock containing some well-rotted horse manure, which I have a standing invitation to go and collect. I didn’t manure the garden last year and we really noticed the difference!