So I haven’t posted here for ages. Sorry. Faith went through a period of waking for two hours each night, which was not fun and left us too tired to do much other than our jobs and absolutely essential housework. We’ve been reading an inordinate number of books. Fortunately, she seems to have worked through that and has now slept through for two nights in a row! Long may it continue!

We normally eat our evening meal all together, but on St Valentine’s Day we decided to give Faith her dinner early and have a nice romantic candlelit dinner after she’d gone to bed. So I sat down with her as she ate her dinner. She kept offering me pieces of her food with a very concerned look on her face. ‘But Mummy, you’ve got to eat something!’

Her communication has really started taking off in both speech and sign. Now that she can sign ‘dog’, I’ve realised that when she keeps saying ‘adaa, adaa’ as we walk down the road she’s actually saying ‘Oh, I do hope we see a dog!’ When she woke the other night, I offered her a drink of water, but she shook her head, signed ‘ow’ and reached for the shelf where we keep the teething gel. I applied it to her nascent canine and she said ‘ta’.

She goes ‘sss’ when she sees a picture of a snake, ‘mmm’ for a cow, and ‘urruh’ (her version of ‘ribbit’) for a frog. And she not only shakes her head and says ‘no’ (or more usually ‘nuh’), but has now started nodding her head for ‘yes’.

Sadly, I’m not going to have time to take her to signing classes next term. I have to work back the time I take off over the rest of the week, and I feel that I’m short-changing her every other day of the week by working late. It’s a shame because she enjoys it and I think it is helping her. I’m going to buy the DVD and schedule a regular time to watch it with her instead.