Christmas pictures now uploaded!

Faith’s favourite Christmas presents include:

  • A wooden train. Yay us, who chose it.
  • A stuffed animal. The label says it’s a ‘Lämmchen’, so it ought to be ovine (was going to type ‘ovoid’ but that means egglike not sheepular), but it has long ears and a black mane and a plaited tail. Oh, and it quacks like a duck.
  • And, best of all: A wooden olive bowl and spoon. This was actually a present for me, but she decided it must be hers and appropriated it.

I meant to post this bit before but forgot about it. Before Christmas we were shopping and looking to buy chicken breasts to make into a Thai curry (one of Faith’s favourite foods). To our surprise, it was cheaper to buy a whole chicken than just the breasts – and that’s absolutely cheaper, not just by weight! So of course we bought the whole bird and cut off the breasts for the curry. We cooked the rest of it with garlic and rosemary. Very tasty.

And lastly, today Faith learnt to climb the stairs! Now we need to teach her to come down them safely.