At church on Sunday Faith and I were pounced on: the shepherds in the Nativity play were all off sick and would Faith like to take part? I reckoned it would probably keep her amused, so said yes. The costumes were all far too big for her; I’d have settled for a tea-towel on her head but she hates anything resembling a hat and kept pulling it off again. So we had an uncostumed shepherd gnawing on her foam crook, being manhandled about the stage by her mummy, trying to chew the straw, and poking the head of the baby Jesus. (We were also short one king, as the two-year-old playing… Melchior, I think… having been very keen in the rehearsals, decided at the last moment that he DID NOT want his costume and he DID NOT want to be in the play and he wanted to stay in the creche and play with the plastic food.)

I came home from picking Faith up from nursery yesterday to find that Robin had put up the Christmas tree and the lights were twinkling prettily out of the window. Christmas has really crept up on me this year. Yes, I’ve been rehearsing Christmas carols in choir for the last few weeks. The carol concert was in Glamis Castle on Saturday night; Robin put Faith to bed for the first time and it went really well. Robin also played the piano at the PACT carol service in the concert hall on Thursday, and apparently that went really well too. Apart from that I’ve been busy at work and looking after Faith and haven’t really paid attention to all the Christmas stuff. I think this is good, because now I can enjoy it without it feeling old and tired already.

Robin picked up the turkey today; a forest-reared free range bronze turkey from a farmer who’s just starting up for the first time. I hope he succeeds. I actually ordered it by accident: I misremembered the price as £4.50 per kilo (a fantastic price for a free-range turkey) when it was actually £4.50 a pound, and by the time I realised, having just had a conversation with the farmer about how it was worth spending a bit extra to get a decent bit of birdflesh, I was far too embarrassed to back out! As it turns out, £4.50 a pound is still a good price, as free-range bronze turkeys (of probably lesser quality) are selling for £5.88 a pound in the supermarket.