And another cute thing

This morning she awoke quite early, and one of the things I did to keep her entertained in her room until the heating had kicked in enough to change her nappy and go downstairs for breakfast was to lift her up to the mirror to see the mirror-baby. She enjoys looking at the mirror and stretches out her hand to poke it, but this morning she kept getting hold of the edge of the mirror and trying to move it aside – presumably to try and find the mirror-baby behind!

Her other favourite trick, alongside the spoon-passing, is to reach for whichever parent is not holding her, and then as soon as she’s passed over, reach to be taken back again! She seems to find it a great game to be passed back and forth. And she’s started saying ‘up’ or ‘pupupupupup’ when she wants picked up, and I feel she enjoys watching me playing the games at, I have a feeling she is going to be a great gamer.

She threw up again last night. That’s two nights running, and our washing machine is going pretty much constantly…