Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows!

Faith has decided that she wants Daddy to give her her food. There’s a bit of laziness in there: Robin is much more prepared to post food into her mouth than I am, and has longer arms to do it with. There’s a bit of Daddy-seeking: she sees less of him than she does of me. And there’s the bit where it turns into a fun game, where she takes the loaded spoon off me, hands it to Daddy, takes it back off him and eats the food, then hands the spoon back to Daddy, who hands it to me to be reloaded… And just as we’re getting into the swing of this, she offers the spoon to one of us only to snatch it back as we reach for it, with much gleeful grinning!

I went to a parents’ evening at the nursery the other night (my first parents’ evening!) and brought back a report card which told me that Faith was a happy baby who liked to feed herself and play with the toy piano and smile at other people and could sit up by herself – all of which I knew. What was interesting was what they didn’t know: they had no idea she could stand up and bear her own weight, never mind take steps, despite one of the staff having taken this photo of her standing up. So I told them, and the next morning had Faith demonstrate to them how she could stand up leaning on the sofa. Now they’re doing lots of standing practice with her. Meanwhile, at home, she’s started shuffling along from one end of the sofa to the other… We’d better get on with locking the cupboards!

And at baby signing group, she’s taken a shine to Ruby, one of the other babies there. Today she gave her lots of cuddles and even something that I think might have been meant for a kiss! But then she grabbed Ruby by the collar and well-nigh pulled her over, which made her cry. Ruby is a couple of months younger than Faith and much much smaller. I need to teach her not to bully other babies, or even the cat!

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