My clever baby

Faith is eleven months old tomorrow! Here are a couple of clever things she’s done lately:

On Friday at Sing and Sign, after playing with percussion instruments for a while, the babies were encouraged to put the instruments back in the box. The box was offered to Faith, and she put in the maracas and the bell she was holding. Then, as the box moved on to the next baby, she reached down and picked up another maraca off the floor and put that in as well, without any prompting at all!

On Saturday afternoon, after a nice lunch out with grandparents, I was poking around on the net and Faith was sitting on the floor. I heard grunting and looked round to see her wearing her Pooing Face. ‘Are you doing a poo?’ I said. ‘Well, when you’ve finished Mummy will take you upstairs and change your nappy.’ A minute or so later I looked round again. Faith was looking at me and when she saw she had my attention, she very clearly and deliberately signed ‘Finished’. I’ve never used that sign in the context of poo, so she worked it out all by herself!