First steps!

Faith took her first wobbly steps today, with support from Mummy and Daddy. She also pulled herself up holding on to my hands. We’re very proud of her. Maybe this is what she’s been working on when she’s been doing all that waking over the past few nights! (She’s also been doing a growth spurt, so needing lots of extra boobie; and suffering from a blocked nose – all it needs usually is one good blow, but she’s too young to know that…)

She’s been saying ‘Dada’ for a couple of weeks now, and three times she’s made a sound resembling ‘cat’ when she’s seen the cat (one ‘ca’, one ‘at’, and one ‘ct’; which pretty much covers all the bases).

We hope to get a video of her walking some time over the next few days. In the meantime, here are some more photos.

She’s really enjoying nursery, and is already hardly upset at all when we leave her there (big difference from leaving her at the childminder). All the staff seem very good and we always get a lot of information about her day. On Friday she came home with her first piece of artwork!