*cough cough*

Faith had a bit of a cold a couple of weeks ago. One night where some difficulty sleeping was sorted out with paracetamol, and by the end of the next day she was fine again, except for a runny nose. But she gave it to Robin and me, and we both ended up with raging tonsillitis. I stupidly continued to go to work through it, and now I’ve mostly lost my voice and have a terrible hacking cough. (Faith has also developed the same cough, and Robin has it a little as well; it seems to be part of the illness.) It’s making settling Faith to sleep take at least twice as long, as I keep coughing and waking her up again!

Faith had her first full day at nursery today. I was in Edinburgh for work so Robin picked her up, and according to him she was much happier than she ever was coming home from the childminder. They’ve given us a little sheet with info on it about what she had for lunch, what toys she played with, when she napped and when her nappy changes were. I like this; getting information out of the childminder was really hard work. There was some confusion over the nappies (we provided one wet bag for the whole day, but they seemed to want to put each nappy in a separate bag), but we’ll speak to them tomorrow and get it sorted.