Our nappy laundry company (Pure Nappies) have just gone bust! They sent us a letter yesterday telling us they had lost lots of customers because of the ‘current economic climate’ and could no longer sustain their expenses. Now we have to wash our own nappies. On the plus side, we were told we could keep the nappies and bin we currently have, which is about two weeks’ worth because Childminder had been sneakily putting her in disposables without telling us (I’d suspected as much due to the lack of nappies used, but we had proof on the last day (Thursday), when the disposables leaked and she came home with two pooey changes of clothes and no pooey nappies). So we won’t have to wash that often. And we don’t need to find the monthly fee any more either.

A little research on the internet suggested that a 60ยบ wash using non-biological detergent was the way to go. We always use bio, so when we went shopping this morning we picked up some non-bio. It was only when we got home that I realised it was scented. Now the radiators are draped in nappies and there’s a particularly foully artificial floral aroma hanging around. The worst of it is that the bottle does 20 washes, so assuming a wash once a week we’re going to have that smell until February.

Faith was installed in the nursery yesterday for a trial run, and starts full-time on Monday. The staff all seemed to like her and paid her lots of attention. I went through the care plan with one of the carers so they all know how we want her looked after. This wasn’t her key worker though, as she was on break at the time, so I’m going to have a chat with the key worker when I take Faith in on Monday. I suspect I didn’t quite get across that Faith eats grown-up food rather than mashed-up gloop, and there’s a few other things I want to go over in more detail as well. It looks like a really good place though: all the babies were calm and happy and the carers were obviously fond of them. I really hope this works out.