More photos

They’re a little old now, but here are some photos of Faith from August. They don’t include her christening: we didn’t take any photos ourselves and despite all the cameras flashing away at the time, we’ve only been sent one photo from among all the relatives. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some soon.

As you can see, Faith is standing very well (even better now than in those photos). She’s getting really into books just now: she’ll pick one up and turn it over trying to open it, but she hasn’t quite twigged how to do that yet. Then she’ll summon me: “Ma ma ma ma” and I’ll read it to her. She can turn the pages quite well if they’re separated for her to grab, though sometimes she seems to think that the point is to turn all the pages as fast as possible. These are of course the baby board books: I keep real books well away from her for fear she’ll eat the paper!