Baby talk

Faith is now saying ‘Mama’ (or ‘mamama’ or ‘mumumumum’) consistently meaning me, or things she associates with me such as breastfeeding or cuddles. No sign of ‘Dada’ yet though. On Sunday she rolled over from back to front for the first time, only four months or so late!

This is my third week back at work, and we’re planning to sack the childminder. She seemed great at first, but she’s having immense trouble with the cloth nappies we use and keeps throwing up spurious excuses (they’re bad for Faith; she’s had an inspection and isn’t allowed to keep dirty nappies…) rather than say that she’s having difficulties, which makes us feel very unconfident about her attitude in general. Additionally, she doesn’t have a separate sleeping room, and Faith is a very light sleeper, so she’s not getting much nap time and is coming home every day tired and crabbit.

We’re looking at a couple of alternative childminders, and a nursery which looks very good. We’ll visit them all on Friday and make a decision.

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