Yesterday we opened a bottle of bubbly, to celebrate the fact that we have lots of bottles of bubbly left over from Faith’s christening.

The service itself was good, and then we had family all week, which was stressful but fun. The house we’d hired to put them all in was fantastic, even if it did have an Aga and no other cooker, so we spent the week making tiny adjustments to stop it either overheating or going out. There was a lovely little piece of ancient beech forest full of interesting and pretty fungi; a burn with a waterfall; a riding school; a trampoline‚Ķ Faith was a little overwhelmed by all the attention but she enjoyed herself.

Faith is trying to learn to crawl! She can make all the motions individually, but doesn’t have the coordination to pull them together, so she ends up going backwards, to her immense frustration. It’s even worse because she still can’t roll over, so if she gets fed up of lying on her belly trying to crawl all she can do is girn until Mummy sits her up again. She can also stand while holding onto furniture, without any help, for maybe half a minute at a time. Again, she’s not pulling herself up yet.

I started back to work on Monday and Faith has spent the last three days with a childminder. She seems to be liking it; at least, she’s not bawling her eyes out when we take her back each morning. The only trouble is that as she’s such a light sleeper, with two other babies around she’s not getting much nap time, so she’s coming home exhausted! She’s refusing her bottles there, so I think tomorrow morning I’ll have the milk I expressed on Monday for breakfast on my muesli. I think she’s going to just tank up at home before she goes and after she comes back instead.

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