Tooth! and strawberry tea, and other things

This has turned out to be a bit of a long catchup post, as it’s so long since I’ve posted. As you can see, we’ve been kept quite busy!

Yesterday Faith awoke at 4:45am and wouldn’t go back to sleep until 6:30, by which time she had her first tooth! It definitely hadn’t been there at the start of the wakeage. I know because she spent much of it gnawing on my finger. It’s just a little sharp hard point in her gum at the moment, but I suppose I’d better start getting with the toothbrush. Apart from that incident, she’s getting much better at sleeping. The new cot made a huge and immediate difference, and we soon moved her out to her own room. She’s now waking even less since we installed a blackout blind on her skylight and, in the last couple of days, blackout curtain linings on her window. This evens out the temperature over the night as well as blocking the light. Last night there were only two wakeages, and one of them was just as we were going to bed ourselves.

A friend of mine from the breastfeeding group I go to was complaining on Friday that she was jealous of her mother talking on the phone about the strawberries she’d been picking, because she herself didn’t have any. So I told her we had more in our garden than we knew what to do with, and invited her round to help us eat them. So today we had a wee strawberry tea on the lawn. We put the babies (hers is just two weeks older than Faith) on a rug on the grass and sat there with a pot of strawberries, which was very thoroughly investigated by both of them. It was very interesting to watch the different attitudes of the two babies. Annabel was very cautious, picking out a strawberry and turning it over and over in her hands, sniffing it, exploring it, and maybe deigning to bring it to her mouth for a second or two before deciding to play with the pot instead (the old game of ‘I tip them all out, and Mummy puts them back in for me to tip out again’). Meanwhile Faith was grabbing them, stuffing them into her mouth and sucking noisily, getting strawberry juice absolutely everywhere!

She has loved every single one of the foods on the lists in previous posts, and several more besides (bread, yoghurt, tomato, peach, nectarine, melon, parsnips, broad beans, potato in any form, ice cream, chocolate mousse, and more that I forget). The only thing that she’s rejected has been mature Gouda cheese, and I think that was because it was so expensive that we only gave her a very small piece that she couldn’t handle properly. She’s worked out how to drink water from a cup by herself (with a spout; she gets smoothie in an open cup but I hold onto that to make sure it doesn’t end up all over the floor). Last week we attended a big family bash in a restaurant where she wowed all the relatives with her eating skills.

She had an X-ray last week for her hip, and has been given the all-clear. Hooray! The consultant wants to see her again in January but doesn’t think there’ll be any problems. He suggested she might be slow to walk because of the amount of time she’s spent in the harness, and truly she still can’t roll over and shows no sign of crawling. But she’s trying to stand up and will bear her weight on her feet for a few seconds. Because she can’t move she’s not getting much exercise, convenient though I find it to be able to leave her sitting and know she’ll stay there!, so I’ve taken her to the swimming pool a few times now. She loves it, kicking her legs like a real swimmer, and it tires her out very nicely.

In non-baby news, the garden is producing peas, broad beans, courgettes, cucumbers, and tomatoes, as well as strawberries and raspberries. The climbing beans have found their poles and are racing up them. Thus there are even more things to try feeding to Faith!

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