Baby’s first food

I was going to be virtuous and wait one more week before introducing Faith to solids. Then she’d be six months old, which is the current recommendation. But she had other ideas! She’s been watching intently as we eat for some time now, particularly in the last week when she’s been sitting up well enough to join us at the table in her high chair. This morning I was eating a pear, and she was staring avidly at it. When I was about three quarters of the way through, she suddenly grabbed my hand and firmly directed the pear into her mouth! She proceeded to suck and gnaw on it for the next twenty minutes with every sign of enjoyment. I held it for her at first, but after a while I bit it into a smaller piece that she could hold herself. When she started performing gravity experiments with the remains (yes, gravity still works…) I reckoned she’d finished eating.

This evening I put some steamed carrot sticks in front of her while we ate our spaghetti. She stared at them and at us with an expression of ‘But I want what you’re having, Mummy!’ and then tried to eat her tray. When I took her onto my lap and ate a bit of carrot stick myself she suddenly became interested and had a go at it, but I think she was a bit too tired and hungry to really enjoy it (dinner time comes right before bedtime). Eating real food is so much harder work than sucking milk!

We still need to get a wipe-clean tablecloth and a floor mat for spillages. Foods to try over the next few days: avocado, banana, cucumber, chicken, sweet potato, squash. Watch this space!

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