Big baby

Faith turned five months last week, and on Friday I finally managed to take her to the clinic to be weighed. She is now apparently 19lb 5oz, which puts her on the 95th centile (i.e. she’s bigger than 95% of babies her age and sex). The health visitor who weighed her told me I had to feed her less and/or start her on solids to stop her becoming overweight! Personally I don’t think it’s a problem – I think she’s a nice healthy chunky baby. I also suspect she’ll take after her father and all that weight will go into height.

Her hip check today went well, so that’s the end of the harness. However, because she took so long to improve, they want to give her an X-ray in three months’ time to check that everything’s still OK. It’s a little worrying, but I get the impression it’s just a precaution. Unfortunately, the lack of harness hasn’t resulted in improved sleep: in fact, without the stiffness imparted by the harness I’m finding it quite difficult to put her down in her cot without waking her, and she’s ended up associating the cot with being woken up! It doesn’t help that the cot is old and rattles when she moves, or that it’s small enough for her to hit her hands on the bars when she flings them out. She went on a complete cot strike this weekend, and on Sunday we gave in and ordered her a new, larger cot with a raised mattress so I don’t have to lower her so far. If nothing else, it’ll be easier on my back. I hope it comes soon!

I’m trying to read a book to her every night, though she can’t cope with anything longer than about eight pages yet (her favourite is This Little Baby which came to me through Bookstart and has lots of photos of babies in it, though that may just be because we’ve had it for longer so it’s the one she knows best. She’s getting the hang of books though and has even helped me turn the pages – and if she’s tired she’ll attempt to shut the book!

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