Cold and seedlings

Yesterday I decide that the warm weather is well and truly here. I move the young tomato and aubergine plants from the conservatory out to the greenhouse and turn the bedroom heating off, because we’ve been sweltering the last couple of nights. So in the night, what happens? Snow.

We all three of us woke cold in the night, and ended up sleeping all curled up together in a nice cosy huddle. The cold has damaged, maybe killed, the furthest advanced tomato plant, but it’s one of the less unusual varieties (Porter), so I’m not that bothered; the other two (Green Zebra and Ildi) are fine, as are the aubergines. They’re all back in the conservatory again now. Of course, the tomatoes I really wanted (Black Russian and Black Krim) didn’t even germinate.

For the first time ever, I seem to have managed to grow some flowers from seed. The marigolds are already in their final places in pots by the front door. They seem to have survived the cold without problems. We have pansy and petunia seedlings still in the conservatory.

In the greenhouse there are broad beans and brussels sprouts. Now I need to buy more compost to sow more seeds in. Carrots, parsnips, courgette and squash, and this year I want to try growing coriander.