It’s all their fault!

At Easter, we visited Ali and Alan for a Star Wars film showing. They’d recently acquired a digital projector and had cleared a wall and painted it white to project onto. Robin was covetous.

We acquired our own about a month ago, for less than we were afraid it would cost. We knew we would need a screen, as our sitting room has textured wallpaper, so we got that at the same time. However, for most of the last month we’ve been watching things projected directly against the wall, so everything looked as if it was on old paper. We finally got around to mounting the screen on the wall last weekend. Today we received a delivery of a stand to put the projector on and some extension cables for audio and video, so we have finally been able to move the machine from our coffee table to its permanent home behind the sofa.

So yay! we have a home cinema! What shall we watch on it?

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