So my tomatoes haven’t done at all well. I sowed them, all five varieties, two of each, in February, and when they hadn’t come up by the end of March I sowed them all again. One solitary Green Zebra has appeared. So on Sunday when we took Robin’s parents to Jamesfield, which I thoroughly recommend, we spotted some tomato plants for sale and bought one each of Ailsa Craig, Moneymaker and Big Boy. And this evening I went to plant them in the greenhouse.

Robin came out for a wander in the garden, and spotted two little bats flying around, weaving around each other and swooping low around the hedge and trees. They were fluttering their wings fast and were moving, unfortunately, far too fast for me to have a hope of photographing them. So I didn’t try, and just enjoyed watching them flit about.

I think they were probably pipistrelles. I assume it’s some sort of courtship dance, and they’re now going to set up a nest somewhere nearby and produce lots more little bats to flit about. I hope so.

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