New year, new seeds!

My order from the seed catalogue arrived yesterday. I’m getting quite excited at the thought of gardening again, even though it’s too dark and stormy and wet to do any at the moment. (Some friends whose neighbour has a horse have promised me some manure, which will do wonders.)

I’ve decided to try and concentrate more on winter vegetables, as in the past few years we’ve ended up with a huge glut in the summer and then almost nothing in the rest of the year. I shall grow no summer cabbages or cauliflower, as there’s far too much else to eat at that time of year (can you say ‘beans’?). I shall be growing fewer runner beans and more French beans, as I think the latter are nicer. I’ve bought some yellow French beans to grow with the purple ones. Which should look pretty, at any rate.

I’ll be growing swede for the first time, and Swiss chard. I’m told swede is hard to grow, so that should be exciting. I’m also growing a new squash, since the butternut did well. The aubergines did very well as well, so I’ll definitely be growing more of those. And I plan to grow a lot more carrots and parsnips this year. I have yellow carrots as well as purple ones.

I have five varieties of tomato to try. I wanted Black Pineapple, but the people I ordered it from had run out and so sent me Black Krim, Russian Black, and Porter instead. In addition, I also have Ildi and Green Zebra.

At the moment, all there is to harvest in the garden is sprouts. But they’re very nice sprouts.

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