For those who haven’t found them already, here are the photos of the family gathering.

The delicious bread pudding is now finished (that of it that’s not in the freezer, that is). However, I have made a large batch of rice pudding, which is also delicious. That and a few hot chocolates, and we’re almost back to normal with the milk. Much of the leftover macaroni cheese and leftover turkey is also in the freezer. We have four pints of yoghurt, but that has a best before date of Christmas Eve so there’s still time to eat that.

We still don’t know how many people we will have for Christmas; it’ll probably be just the two of us but we invited anyone from church who wanted to come. We haven’t heard from anybody to say they do want to yet but some people might be leaving it till the last minute. This means we haven’t ordered a bird, and a lot of places seem to be sold out.

I’m about to start writing Christmas cards. If anyone wants a Christmas card but thinks I don’t have their address, let me know!