Fantastic weekend

We had an amazing family weekend at Glenlivet House, with twenty-two people staying plus four more visiting on the Saturday. Pretty much everyone from Robin’s family was there, including a couple of people I hadn’t met before. We did almost nothing but talk, cook, eat, drink, sing, and play snooker the entire weekend. On the Friday night we had a big slap-up formal black tie dinner, and it was great seeing everyone in their glad rags (photos will follow when I’m not posting in my lunch hour at work). This was followed (and preceded) by much communal singing ( has a lovely deep rich alto voice).

Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit the whisky distillery which was five minutes’ walk away, as the visitor’s centre was closed for the winter (and besides, the days are so short that by the time everyone had got out of bed and lunch had been cooked and eaten it was getting dark again). Instead, we got through about forty bottles of wine. However, we only drank about fifteen of the eighty-four pints of milk we’d brought. There is much food left over, and I suspect I’ll be eating macaroni cheese for the next week.

I saw ‘s hip-flask. It is indeed both cool and very rude.

Everybody had a great time; we all got on really well and there were no squabbles at all. Noises are being made about a repeat sometime next year, possibly in Spain. I’m all up for this!