Graduation photos now up. It was a good day, though the morning was a little hectic. I was wearing an evening dress, and when I put my stockings on discovered that one was laddered in a noticeable place on the ankle. So on the way in we stopped off in John Lewis to get another pair. At least, by the time we got into Edinburgh through the rush hour there was very little time left, so Robin stopped off in John Lewis to get another pair while I went on to pick up my gown. The gown hire people had no record of my having hired a gown but were kind enough to let me have one anyway and said they’d sort it out later. Robin arrived with stockings, so I nipped to the loo to apply them to legs. These laddered as I put them on, but fortunately at the top where it wouldn’t be seen.

The vice-chancellor was wearing the most fantastic robe, which unfortunately can’t be seen in any of the photos. It was a bright royal blue with floor-length sleeves, gold trim, and a black band with silver crescent moons across the chest. I managed to tell her how much I liked it as I shook her hand.

After the ceremony it was very crowded and hectic and I didn’t get to speak to some people I had hoped to, but we dropped in for a brief period to the reception at Craighouse before we went out for lunch at a very nice restaurant.