Oh yes, and the Mac continued to be faulty, so we sent it back. Now Apple are upgrading our replacement machine to the newly-released one with a faster processor. Which is good.

We also recently acquired a new table. It has a top with inlaid squares of wood with the grain going in two different directions, forming a 9×14 grid in a chessboard pattern. There must be some sort of chess variant that can be made of this. Robin favours giving each side two queens instead of one to fill the extra space, but I prefer the idea of an entirely new piece. Possibly a Prime Minister, a Journalist, or a Tank; my favourite idea so far though is a Spy: a piece which is your own and moves as one of your own but is controlled by the other player. It wouldn’t be able to take your pieces, but it could be positioned to block moves, protect pieces, or otherwise set up awkwardnesses, especially as you wouldn’t be able to take it.

What do other people think?

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