Boot Camp without SP2 disk

I bought a new intel iMac while I still have a student discount (I was getting very fed up with the slowness of my old G3). There was a special offer on, so I ended up getting an iPod as well, which I gave to Robin. That makes us even on the anniversary present front.

They arrived yesterday, and we wanted to take advantage of the Boot Camp facility to run Windows on the Mac (that is, it has a better graphics card than our PC and Robin wanted to play Oblivion on it). We bought from a download site a (legit) upgrade copy of Windows XP Pro, because it was partnered with my university and I got a big student discount. However, this meant that we had no bootable disk. We had one for the version of XP Home running on the PC, but that only had SP1. We tried it anyway, and it installed, cruddily, but then gave us a BSOD when we tried to upgrade to SP2.

I investigated various ways of creating an SP2 boot disk (slipstreaming) from the existing SP1 disk plus the downloaded SP2. This didn’t work; the program just kept saying it couldn’t find the files even though they were there. And this didn’t work because it required certain CD-burning software on the PC. Our PC doesn’t have a CD burner, and the Mac burning software couldn’t do what was required. We needed something that could create an ISO which we could transfer and burn to the mac.

Another forum post pointed me to nLite, which did exactly what we wanted, very quickly, without having to pay anything. I’m posting this because it was very hard to find this information and it needs all the exposure it can get.

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