Barbecue was good, with a pleasant mixture of friends, work friends, relatives and neighbours. Lots of food over, which means I won’t have to go shopping for a while. At the same time, the courgettes, runner beans, and French beans are just coming onstream, just as the broad beans and peas are finishing, so we’re overrun with vegetables for the moment.

My dissertation is going well; so far I have over 300 responses to the survey I sent out last week. I’ve been quite busy working on that, and preparing for the barbecue, for the past wee while, hence my lack of posting in the last couple of weeks. I’ll probably still continue to be very infrequent here until it’s handed in in September.

Robin gave me a lovely emerald eternity ring for our anniversary. I feel guilty because I only got him a book (admittedly, a book he wanted, but still…) Today he’s bidding for a new dining table on eBay.