Been on holiday

So we’ve just got back from Spain, a day late for reasons that will be gone into later. Photos are available here.

It was a fantastic holiday. We stayed for a couple of days with Robin’s sister and her family near Alicante, saw their country house and vegetable garden (at this time of year mostly producing oranges and lemons, with a few broad beans). Then we went down the coast and stayed for a few days in a small villa within walking distance of a lovely cove: because it was a bit of a steep walk we were the only people there. We went swimming in the sea and relaxed on the sand. We also ate at some very nice restaurants.

It all went very well until we were driving on the motorway up to the airport for the flight home on Friday. I was driving and was overtaking another car when it decided to pull out about a foot in front of us for no particular reason (without indicating or, in all probability, looking). I had to slam on the brakes, went into a skid and lost control of the car. The car ploughed through the crash barrier and somersaulted down about thirty foot of embankment.

We’re both OK, though with some scratches and bruises. I’ve had some stitches put in inside my cheek but that’s the worst injury. Our necks will no doubt recover in time.

Obviously, we missed our flight. The car was a writeoff but the hire people were very nice about it. We spent most of the day in hospital but Robin’s sister came and picked us up in the afternoon. We stayed the night and then booked a new flight to come back yesterday evening (the earliest we could). The insurance should pick up the cost. It was an hour delayed which was, quite literally, painful, but we got home at about half past midnight and are very grateful to be here.

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