Spring, at least in the greenhouse

I had been collecting toilet roll innards from the loos at work for several months, and brought most of them home in two very bulging plastic bags a couple of weeks ago. There were probably about four dozen, but when I went to sow seeds in them at the weekend I found I only had enough compost to fill ten. Still, I have sown ten broad beans, and we’ll see what happens. I’ll get some more compost this weekend, and sow more beans, more peas, and possibly some carrots and parsnips.

Of the things I’ve already sown, the peas are poking up, both colours of sprout are showing signs of life, as are the broccoli, and I’ve got one of the healthiest cabbage seedlings I’ve yet had, and the others aren’t far behind. Unfortunately the other cabbage variety isn’t doing so well, with only one seed showing any signs of germinating. Well, the packet is about four years old, so they are a little elderly by now.

In the house on the windowsill, the potatoes are sprouting nicely and I’m hoping to get a chance to plant them this weekend. The clingfilm-covered tray for the greenhouse plants has so far produced one baby aubergine seedling. Last year the tomatoes and chillies took ages to germinate, so I’m going to be patient.