Feeling a little more relaxed today. I had two assignments for my MSc course due in yesterday at midday, and I took a couple of days off work last week to get them done, as there was no way I was going to finish them on time otherwise. As it is I’ve been rushing around like a mad thing anyway for the last couple of weeks, and going to bed at unholy hours of the morning.

One was a group project, so I prioritised that one so as not to let everyone else down. We met on Monday and sorted everything out then, which was great. Wow, I got something finished early for once! Then I took Tuesday afternoon off work to finish the other one. Bed at 2am. Up at 7 in the morning to finish it. I managed to finally scrape something vaguely presentable by around 10am, even if it did miss out a couple of components and totally ignore the format instructions. Then the printer cartridge died and I needed a new one. Then I had to drive to Edinburgh. There were roadworks. I got into the room where the assignments are handed in about ten minutes late, and met the office lady coming out with the big boxful of handed-in assignments to take away. I think perhaps if I had had it all ready and bound she might have let me slip it in, but I still needed to fill in the cover slips and bind it all together, which took another few minutes. So this project is officially late and can only get the minimum pass mark.

I don’t really mind; I don’t reckon it was worth much more than the minimum pass mark anyway. I don’t think the printer dying or the roadworks are valid excuses; I should have allowed more time to get there. I didn’t have a lot of time but I could have organised the time that I did have rather better than I did.

But it was nice, after going back to work for the afternoon, to go home and have a long hot bath and then curl up in bed with the book that I put down halfway through in order to concentrate on the assignments. Aaaaaah.