Odd stuff

We drove to Glasgow and back today because the website of a piano dealer there said they were having a closing down sale. Sadly, they seem to have already closed. Went looking for things to spend my Christmas book tokens on but didn’t find anything. Any recommendations?

We passed a lorry on the way down. Marked on the rear and side was the name of the firm and the tagline ‘Driven by Passion and Pride’. I wondered whether they took it in turns, with Passion having a wee kip in the back when Pride took over, or whether there was some sort of dual control system. Maybe one did the pedals and the other the steering wheel? I looked into the cab as we passed and was disappointed to see that it was actually being driven by a plump man who appeared to be wearing an iPod. Obviously he’d stolen it, and Passion and Pride were at that very moment emerging from a service station with packets of crips to discover it gone. Passion would be swearing to kill the man, while Pride would say ‘Don’t worry, I know exactly what to do. No need for the police, I can handle this.’

On the way back we passed a sign which I’ve seen many times before: ‘Services. 8 miles. Until 10 pm.’ For the first time, it occurred to me to wonder how far away it would be after 10 pm, and how it was going to move.